Hello! I am Denisa Oosthuizen, a freelance writer and editor in South Africa.

I write mostly about psychology, health, and lifestyle topics, e.g. wellness and well-being, minimalism, and holistic and intentional living.

Books are a massive part of my life. Browse my Instagram feed to see my #bookstagram profile and current reads. I do selective book reviews.

I also write fiction under the pen name Irene Eccleston. Browse and purchase my children’s book series ‘Snowflake the Cat’ from Amazon. 

I live in Pretoria, South Africa, with my husband and pets.

About my writing career:

I have worked as an online journalist, managing editor, digital publisher, and content marketing specialist for more than fifteen years, producing content successfully for a variety of publications, clients, and industries.

For a detailed CV and resume, have a look at my LinkedIn profile.