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Here’s how I get CREATIVE with your content. 

C – Communication. Keeping clients in the loop ensures both parties know what they can expect from each other. I get in touch with you for the initial brief to get the full picture on what you want to achieve and eliminate any confusion. Depending on the complexity of the project, I make a point to send regular updates on work progress and email a content draft before the final approval. 

R – Relationships. Building good relationships means everything in business. I recommend using the same company/copywriter for your content needs since all content needs to convey a similar style and messaging to the audience. Yes, it’s worth it to develop a long-term relationship with a writer who understands your unique needs and can assist you again and again!

E – Expertise. Hiring a professional writer with the relevant knowledge and expertise is a must to differentiate your content in a crowded market and show that you mean business. Frequent typos, grammar and syntax errors may go unnoticed on some social channels, but make no mistake. Polishing your brand for success is the best investment you can make to be taken seriously. 

A – Attribute. Quality beats quantity. This fact applies to the writing process, too. I only focus on high-quality and unique content for your brand. I allocate the necessary time and means to ensure you only receive the best quality content as per your initial brief. I also recommend general editing and proofreading for all your pre-existing content if available and needed.

T – Time. It’s best not to hurry the creative process, but I understand the importance and urgency of client work. I’ve dealt with tight deadlines before. It is why I offer fast turnaround times, bearing the scope and the complexity of the projects in mind, of course. Yes, I do work better with clear briefs and prompt deadlines. Knowing what you want and when you want it helps a lot 🙂

I – Individuality. Not all writing looks the same. Specialisation and industry do matter when tailoring content to specific audiences. I pay attention to various writing styles, use of jargon, user engagement, reading preferences and marketing channels/content delivery when crafting appropriate content for your brand. 

V – Versatility. Flexibility is critical in engaging with clients and meeting their needs. Writers need to be flexible enough to cover various styles, specialisations, industries, readerships and audiences. I aim to please and deliver content according to your specifications. You must be happy with the result!

E – Experience. Writing skills matter. In my opinion, these social skills, alongside creativity, problem-solving and innovation, are now even more valuable than ever in the age of rapid technology development and robotics. You won’t just hire an inexperienced doctor to perform brain surgery, would you? Then why would you skimp on your content presentation? I have been writing professionally since 2007, covering diverse roles in journalism, online media, digital marketing and publishing industries. Writing is what I do best, and if I can assist you in any way, so be it!

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